Patient Testimonials 


  • Sitting With NO Problems!! Before my experience here, I had daily extreme lower back pain. After a few visits and continuing exercises learned, the pain was narrowed down to only when I sat for long. After completing my three weeks of visits, I can now sit for an extended period of time without problems. --JA

  • Pain-FREE Lifestyle!! Thank you so much for helping me get back to my normal life. I’ve been in pain for 16 years now. After working with the kind, attentive, and knowlegable staff I am able to lift weights, play golf, and work with my baseball players again. I can’t thank everyone at Boulet Physical Therapy enough for giving me back a pain-free lifestyle. --JT


  • Feeling 100% Again!! This was my first PT experience, so I had no idea what to expect. The staff has made me feel comfortable and took the time to explain everything to me. I was experiencing pain in my lower back when I first started and I couldn’t seem to get rid of it. It was a persistent pain that took some time and trying some new exercises and stretching to get rid of. After 4 weeks of PT I am now back to my old self and feeling 100% again. Thanks to everyone here at Boulet PT for giving me my pain free life back! --TF


  • Feel Like My Old Self!! Started off slow, didn’t think the leg would ever work again. The therapy got me walking better. I got to thinking I was ok. I stopped for hunting season, and started falling again. So, when the season ended Karen said I need to go back to therapy. I didn’t know it was so bad. The last few months have made me realize how bad I had let it go. I finally feel like my old self. I know I still need to watch it, but I feel like I can make myself stay working out. Thanks for all the great work. --MM


  • My experience at Boulet PT was great. After surgery, my strength level increased from weak (1-2) to strong (9-10). The PT's were very attentive in designing a program that increased my range of motion and overall strength. The stretching performed by the PT's was performed in an effort to increase overall flexibility. I would use Boulet PT again and highly recommend them to others seeking PT. --CA


  • My experience with the Boulet Physical Therapy staff has been exceptional. I came to the wellness institute as a result of an assault from a child that resulted in severe lower back injury, which caused my mobility to come to a sudden impossibility. I had discomfort with sleeping, walking, and completing simple manual chores. Most of my time was spent in bed enduring severe pain. Then I came to the Boulet Wellness Institute. I am not 100% whole again, but the staff gave me some valuable lessons to help improve my condition. Overall, I would like to commend the kind professional services rendered. --KW

  • I began therapy with significant numbness in my R UE. Numbnesss, which was increased with talking on phone, drying/washing hair, driving on daily basis. Regular musculotension headaches and difficulty sleeping due to recurring numbness. Boulet PT addressed ROM, muscle tightness, strengthening, and positioning with exceptional success – dryneedling was particularly helpful! – I now experience no numbness with above activities as before or headaches. I have increased energy and am exercising with wonderful results. --KM

  • After many years (at least 50) of neglecting my physical condition my left hip and knee became very weak and tendons and muscles were so tight. I was having trouble walking –even to the point of using a cane. I knew I needed help. My experience at Boulet PT has been nothing but positive. The family environment here always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed and has made it easy to continue my therapy. I now have more strength and flexibility in my left hip and knee, feeling very little pain. The entire staff here has made this possible! I sincerely appreciate all their life. Thank you ─Pat, Robbie, Sarah, Johnathan, Valerie, Suzanne, and Christine. --VM

  • When I fell and hurt my arm I could not pull my covers up over me without severe pain in elbow. I could not lift a pot or wash plates without pain and numbness in hand. After surgery I could not straighten out my arm. I had no strength in my hand. After 1 week of therapy I was able to straighten out my arm without any pain. After 7 weeks of therapy I am able to do everything without pain. My scars are minimal. Boulet Physical Therapy has always gotten me back to 100% plus after therapy. I have been a client for many years and would refer everyone I know to Boulet Rehab for therapy. Y’all are the BEST Physical Therapy in Lafayette, in my opinion! Thank You! --RL

  • "Dry needling proved to be the only long-lasting method of relieving my neck pain.  After being in physical therapy for nearly 6 months, results were short-lived.  The dry needling technique that Pat uses on my has, and continues to be the best solution for my situation."  --AH


  • "No spasms in my shoulder now after therapy.  Tingling has stopped down my arm, hand, and fingers.  Did some dry needling and have relief in my arm and it has helped with my migraine headaches!  I have tried other places for my therapy but have had the most success here at Boulet Physical Therapy.  Everyone is so helpful and nice!"  --DB


  • "This is the only procedure or any form of therapy or surgical procedure that has ever changed the level of active and chronic pain in my body in four years.  Dry needling has given me hope that I can live a relatively pain free life.  Thank you everyone.  My pain has gone and I can even work out again."  --HH


  • "After nearly 2 years of sever back pain anytime I had to stand, I have been pain free after 8 or 9 treatments.  It has been like a miracle."  --JB


  • "Before coming to Boulet PT, I was looking at my 5th surgery.  Mobility was seriously complromised and pain my constant companion.  Thanks to the combination of modalitles at Boulet, ie: gym, massage, heat, traction, dry needling, etc, I am now able to stand longer and turn my neck without pain.  My quality of life has been enriched by my experience.  Go Boulet Staff!  And Thanks!"  --SR


  • "Dry needling has helped me in my neck so much.  Even after not doing it for 5 weeks straight I still have motion that i did not have before the treatments.  I love love love it.  I would and I am recommending it to friends."  --LC


  • Efficiency and compassion are hard to find in the same package, but at Boulet Physical Therapy the two go hand in hand.  Each member of their staff has been excellent at communicating with me throughout my recovery to ensure that I understand why they are doing what they are doing and that their methods are bringing the desired outcome.  This is the only staff I have ever met who are just as eager as I am to see complete recovery.  --ABA


  • My therapy process was exceptional in every way.  Boulet PT's personnel were knowledgeable, and put me at ease with each stage of my rehab.  Everyone is friendly and caring.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.  --MC


  • I have suffered with neck pain for many years. Many of the doctors I have seen through the years recommended surgery.  I wanted to take a more conservative approach before considering neck surgery, so when physical therapy was suggested,  I followed my doctors referral to Boulet Physical Therapy. During therapy at Boulet, I learned exercises to help my neck.  Before, I was afraid to exercise, thinking I may do more harm then good.  I was also taught the do's and don'ts for people with neck issues.  This has been so liberating, in that I now control how my neck feels.   Through the therapy , instruction, and massage, my neck has improved so much.  I continue to do my exercises  at home, takes about 15 minutes, and get monthly massages at Boulet, which work together to maintain my new level of wellness !!  I was so impressed with the staff, service, and results at Boulet Physical therapy that I recommended my husband and son go there for their therapy.  They were both as pleased as I was.  --DM