At least 85% of American adults will go through back or neck pain at some point in their lives. This pain can come from various injuries. At Boulet Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute, our physical therapists specialize in caring for patients who are experiencing neck and back injuries.

Patients from Lafayette, Louisiana, have come to trust Patricia Boulet for managing their neck and back problems through customized programs designed to decrease painimprove function and promote healing.

We offer comprehensive, expert treatment for a variety of neck, back and spinal problems, including:

  • Joint dysfunction
  • Sprain or strain
  • Arthritis
  • Post-surgical back rehab
  • Herniated or bulging discs
  • Low back pain during pregnancy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteopenia
  • Myofascial pain syndromes



Faster recovery after total joint replacement or arthroscopic surgery.

You deserve to get back to the active life you once had. At Boulet Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute, we provide care before and after any orthopedic surgical procedure to ensure that your return to normal activity will be achieved safely and quickly.

Pre-operative care will help condition your body for a successful procedure, making it heal and recover faster. Post-operative rehabilitation reduces your pain with less dependence on prescription drugs. We treat and protect your injury using the most advanced hands-on techniques and technology for pain relief, swelling reduction and function re-education.

Many ways to help you recover safely & quickly.

Your physical therapist at the Institute will take the time to explain to you the importance of early gentle movement and therapeutic exercise after surgery.

We'll be with you every step of the way to help you return to your activities, including: Use of assistive device – cane or walker

  • Gait training – moving one step at a time, negotiating doors, stairs & curbs
  • Transfer training – moving into or out of bed, chair, car & toilet seats
  • Self-care techniques – dressing, bathing or grooming post-op
  • Carrying & lifting techniques – learning proper body alignment & weight shifting
  • Pain & swelling management
  • Manual therapy

We've built a solid reputation with area physicians because we work closely with them as members of your rehab team, and we consistently achieve good functional outcomes.

So whether you've had total hip/knee joint replacement, knee or shoulder arthroscopy or repair of a broken bone, you can look forward to the best possible recovery.



Because orthopedic surgery and postsurgical rehabilitation each have their own unique strengths in the healing process, there is no approach more efficient than the combination of both. Patricia Boulet offers expert rehabilitative services designed to get you back to work, life and play again. That's why many area orthopedic surgeons refer their postsurgical patients to Boulet Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute in Lafayette, Louisianna. We identify and treat the underlying causes of your pain, some of which can be located far from your symptoms. Here are just some of the many musculoskeletal injuries that we can effectively treat:

  • Neck & back injuries
  • Shoulder surgery, including rotator cuff tears, tendonitis and impingement syndromes
  • Wrist & elbow repetitive motion injuries
  • Hips (e.g., joint replacement and bursitis)
  • Knee ligament and cartilage repairs & patello-femoral disorders
  • Foot & ankle surgery

To help you return to function after surgery, we will develop a customized rehabilitation program based on your specific condition with the goal of helping you maximize your function and preventing reinjury. Your program may involve several therapy methods to relieve your pain and increase your flexibility and movement.

BPTWI therapists will provide your doctor with detailed notes on your condition and follow their recommended protocols. In addition, we will make ourselves available should your doctor have any questions or concerns. This "team" approach helps produce an effective and personalized program to help you recover and prevent re-injury.



Restoring your ability to work productively.

Back pain is the country's most costly workplace health issue. In the United States, this affects one out of every four people. This is closely followed by musculoskeletal disorders which are injuries to the muscles, tendons and/or nerves, mostly of the upper body, either due to repetitive motion, blunt force, compression, vibration or sustained body positions. Our mission includes helping patients regain their work productivity in the most efficient way possible.

We offer effective rehabilitation through a multifaceted approach to treatment. We analyze your work tasks and workplace to determine your functional needs and how you can prevent future injuries. Our goal is to restore you to your employment without restrictions in the shortest time possible, through:

  • Ergonomics modification (removing architectural barriers & redesigning workstations) to promote efficiency & physical health
  • Posture & body mechanics training (proper standing, lifting, reaching & bending)
  • Warm-up exercise & stretching to prevent muscle tear or micro trauma
  • Relaxation training to facilitate stress reduction
  • Strengthening, flexibility & general conditioning to meet the physical demands of work
  • Safety & preventive techniques
  • Work simulation activities

We also design programs that enable you to relearn or maintain your skill and performance at work. We maintain close communication with your physician and employer to smooth your transition back to fully functional employment.



Effective rehab for sports injuries

As an independently owned private institution, we maintain one-on-one, one-patient-at-a-time care. It's the kind of care that is often compromised in large, corporate-owned rehab centers. Here, you are cared for by experienced, dedicated physical therapists who provide compassionate, focused attention.

We take care of your sports injuries

Our goal is the same as yours – restoring optimal function so you can achieve your fullest potential. And yet, we do this in scientific, realistic ways that ensure you are truly healed without danger of reinjury or aggravation.

We will help you restore joint flexibility, recover muscular strength and endurance, improve general conditioningand then relearn coordination and skills specific to your sport. Your physical therapist will know the rehab stages, the treatment protocols and the cause of your injury because he or she understands the biomechanics of your sport.

Whether your specific training is for increased strength, speed or power, our clinicians will integrate the benefits of good posture, poise and strength to your movements. Training needs are different for every athlete. At the Institute, expect everything designed uniquely for you and your sport.



Bringing physical balance & stability back to your life.

Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries to older people in the United States. They are also most costly, especially when bone fractures result. Yet balance problems may also be caused by central nervous system (involving the brain) disease, local muscle weakness, substance abuse or environmental hazards.

We treat your balance difficulty by looking at the cause. We then help you avoid or better manage risk factors that compromise your sense of balance and security.

Our treatment is multi-dimensional – ranging from strength and endurance training to vestibular exercises to home environmental modifications and posture education.

You deserve freedom of movement regardless of your age. We have the training, experience and tools to help you fight loss of balance and related problems:

  • Visual-perceptual difficulty
  • Postural instability
  • Impaired mobility
  • Lower extremity weakness
  • Vertigo & dizziness
  • Orthostatic hypotension

We have many years of clinical experience helping people with these conditions. We take a diagnostic approach to every balance problem we treat, because your history and physical results can show even the simplest causes like ill-fitting shoes, poor posture or environment hazards. That's why getting to know you better is also our way of healing you better.



Specializing in TMJ (temporomandibular joint) solutions.

TMJ dysfunctions cause pain to roughly 10 million Americans each year. This facial joint can, when injured, have far-reaching effects on your health – from difficulty opening and closing the mouth to trigger points, posture distortion and circulation problems.

Fortunately, non-invasive physical therapy can relieve the pain and symptoms. Our physical therapists have the training, experience, skill and knowledge to treat TMJ disorders. Through the years, we've developed effective treatment methods for every stage of TMJ.

We know that every patient's needs and reactions to treatment are unique. That's why we customize your treatmentplan based on your comprehensive health history, physical evaluation and objective findings.

  • Your treatment plan may include: Fast-relief modalities for pain, swelling & spasm
  • Manual therapy with gentle manipulation, mild exercise & PNF
  • Massage therapy, an important component of our TMJ care
  • Assistive positioning to keep the TMJ in place
  • Posture correction (malalignment in the lower extremities can cause TMJ!)
  • Habit modification to eliminate activities that increase stress to the jaw joint
  • Diet modification to ease TMJ stress & nutritional supplementation to promote healing & tissue integrity
  • Stress management (deep relaxation training or breathing technique)

We provide comprehensive care because we know that the effects of even a tiny malfunctioning body part, like the TMJ, can express itself through the entire body complex.